At the end of October the cult show The Apprentice, showcased some of our products in the UK edition, airing live on BBC1. The show was the pet special & the candidates selected our Big Face T Shirts as one of the products they had to sell at the London Pet Show. As you’d expect the mainstream media coverage generated a huge amount of interest in the products and I wanted to make sure I saw the maximum benefit in my own ecommerce business as well as benefitting our wholesale customers. The actions

  • Facebook & Google ad campaigns set up to go live as the program aired – budgets were increased every 5 minutes during the program broadcast due to the volume of traffic & sales which was being monitored via Google Analytics real time view.
  • Specific retargeting campaigns across Facebook & Google to follow up with people who didn’t purchase immediately
  • Changed product descriptions on our own site and 3rd party channels (Ebay, Amazon etc.) to benefit from organic search engine traffic generated from the show
  • Engagement on social media linking back to the tshirts by participating in conversations online as the program aired & in the days following
  • Local & national press coverage generated from press releases sent out

The result: A 16 x increase in sales across the range!   The majority of these sales were from new consumers so there is additional revenue to be generated from future orders from these people.

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