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Week 2


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Introduction To Week 2


Setting Up Remarketing Codes For Facebook & Instagram

Instagram uses exactly the same pixel code as Facebook so once you’ve completed the actions in the video you are able to remarket on Facebook & Instagram.


Click here to download the example CSV file shown

Click here for more information on formatting your CSV file

Google Remarketing Code Set Up


If you don’t have an Adwords account visit adwords.google.com to set one up.  I can also provide you with vouchers for £120 of free advertising (new account only sorry) so let me know if you’d like a voucher code.

If you already have an Adwords account set up you can skip from the intro to 5 minutes into this video because the first 5 minutes looks at setting up your account.


Youtube Remarketing Code Setup


Twitter Remarketing Code Setup


Visit ads.twitter.com to set up your twitter ads account.


Pinterest Remarketing Code Setup


Visit business.pinterest.com to set up your Pinterest profile & ads account or convert an existing profile into a business one.


Adding Remarketing Codes To Shopify


Adding Remarketing Codes To WordPress


Click here to download the WordPress plugin I recommend

Verifying Your Codes Are Installed Correctly


Click Here For The Facebook Pixel Helper For Google Chrome
Click Here For The Google Tag Assistant For Google Chrome

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