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98% of visitors on your website right now won’t buy. They are about to close that tab, step away from the computer or head on over to Facebook to look at cat videos. As a result a huge percentage of your marketing efforts are being wasted. You work so hard, hustling on social media & spending out on paid advertisements, only for potential customers to trickle through your fingers.

But what if there was a way to follow up with prospects and customers 24/7 with highly targeted, specific messages? You don’t need a crack team of expensively paid sales people working around the clock; instead you need to master remarketing advertising.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to show adverts to a highly targeted group of your customers and prospects as they navigate the internet.  You’ll have seen it in action by some of the largest brands in the world. Typically you’ll be browsing a product on a website but not buy and then as if by magic you start seeing adverts for the exact same product following you all over the internet.

The big brands use this because it works! Studies show that a consumer needs to engage with a product & brand at least 6 times before they feel ready to buy. Remarketing advertising keeps you in front of relevant, interested leads who are the most likely to turn into customers.

Typically, you need to hire a digital marketing agency to implement & manage a full retargeting campaign, which works but can get expensive (our charges start at $10,000 for this service) but for the first time ever, we’re throwing open the doors and sharing all our trade secrets for running effective & profitable remarketing campaigns in a step by step course.

In this 5 week course kicking off on 1st August, we’ll cover:

WEEK 1 What Is Remarketing & Why Should You Use It?


We’ll be looking at exactly what remarketing is, how it fits into your sales process and planning out your new digital sales funnel.  It’s also chance to review your marketing assets and how we can put your email lists and CRM databases to better use.  This is also where we’ll identify which of the 6 retargeting platforms covered in the course make sense for you & how to decide on your ad budget.


WEEK 2 The Techy Nitty Gritty


This week is all about implementation.  We’ll be getting your website set up with the necessary codes to retarget across Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube.  If you identified email & phone numbers in your databases, we’ll upload this data to create dedicated audiences too.

Don’t panic! – there will be step by step guides to show you exactly what you need to do, plus lots of help and support.  There’s no need to be a tech professional to get this all in place.


WEEK 3 How To Use It


Now we’re ready to get your campaigns live.  We’ll be using the sales funnel planning we worked on in week 1 to create the groups of people you want to nurture at each stage of your sales process and set up the ad campaigns to reach them.  By the end of this week you’ll have live remarketing ad campaigns up & running, capturing all those wasted leads.


WEEK 4 Taking It To The Next Level


Once you’ve got your tech in place and got your ad campaigns live, it’s time to take things to the next level.  We’ll look at how you can create lookalike audiences from your retargeting lists to get in front of a brand new audience and drop them into the funnel you’ve just built out.  There’s a chance to learn how to optimise your ad campaigns and what you should be testing.


WEEK 5 Bonus Implementation

A bonus week with 2 Q & A office hours calls to answer all your questions, critique your ads and make sure you’re completely in control of your own remarketing funnels.



Sign up for the course now & benefit from a 121 coaching package with Christina.  This is an incredible opportunity to get personalised support in 4 x 90 minute private sessions.

You can use the sessions before, during and after the course & you can choose what you want to use them for, from done for you tech implementation to digital strategy.  To book these sessions individually would cost £199 / $249 per session so you are making a huge saving and due to Christina’s diary constraints, there is only a small number of these early bird bonuses available.

Only 2 bonus packages left…

Buy Now £799 GBP

Includes early bird bonus 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions worth £799

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Includes early bird bonus 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions worth $999

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Includes early bird bonus 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions worth $999

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on my website?
As long as you can add code to the header and body section then you’ll be able to use remarketing.  Most website platforms allow you to do this.  There will be step by step guides for WordPress & Shopify sites but as long as you have access (or your web developer does) to the head section of your site, then you’ll be able to add the code. If you’re concerned if it will work on your site, get in touch.
What does the early bird bonus involve?
The early bird bonus give you the chance to get 1 on 1 support from Christina as you work through the course. You can use this for help with the technical implementation or for planning your wider marketing strategy. The sessions will be delivered via skype & at a mutually convenient time.  You can book your first session before the course starts if you wish.
I’m not very technical, will I be able to do this?
This course is designed for business owners & marketing managers, you don’t need to be a digital pro to use it. Saying that, it’s not for complete newbies, if you’ve never run a paid traffic ad in your life the chances are it’s not the course for you, unless you want to get a comprehensive idea of how remarketing fits into your sales funnel before outsourcing the ad setup.
Will I make money from this?
The honest answer is, it depends. You need to work through the course & implement what is taught.  If you don’t take action then you won’t benefit from the techniques I’m teaching you.  If you are already seeing some success with paid traffic to your site, implementing remarketing will be like pouring petrol on a fire & amplify your results. The amount of profit you make depends on your product prices, profit margins & other overheads but I’m confident that remarketing is the most efficient way to get more money out of existing marketing campaigns.
Why should I study with you?
I believe this is the best & most comprehensive course on remarketing available right now. It’s taught by myself – a digital marketing professional who heads up a Google Partner agency, manages a 7 figure annual ad spend & has 15 years of hands on practical experience selling online. This includes ecommerce, services & digital products – hard won experience selling real life products, not just high ticket coaching products with huge margins!
Is remarketing suitable for my business?
The majority of businesses will benefit from remarketing advertising including local businesses, ecommerce stores, service providers, online courses & coaches.

Products & services prohibited from using remarketing by the ad platforms include tobacco, guns, pornography, payday loans, recreational drugs, online pharmacies & ammo.

If your business is of a sensitive nature (e.g. a funeral directors), you might also want to skip remarketing. Not sure? Contact me & I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for you or not.

I live in XX country, can I use this?
If you can run standard ads on the ad platforms we cover (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Youtube) in your country, you will be able to use remarketing advertising as well.
How much time will I need to spend on this course?
Allocate 3-4 hours a week to work through the training videos & participate in the office hour calls. Remember though that this is an action taking course & you will be building your campaigns as you work through the modules so it’s a very efficient use of your time. The bonus implementation week at the end of the course allows you some catch up time & extra support if you need it.

Once you’ve got your remarketing code in place, your audiences set up & your funnel planned, you’ll find you build ads incredibly quickly because you don’t have to worry about experimenting with your ad targeting to find a relevant audience.

Who should take the training course in my business?
The person responsible for paid traffic campaigns would be the best person to take the course. If you currently outsource, or intend to, your ad campaign creation & management you’ll still see huge benefits from taking the course. A thorough understanding of remarketing allows you to better plan your content marketing, your SEO and your sales funnels.
Is remarketing legal?
Yes it is.  There are rules & regulations which you need to comply with for each platform but it will all be covered in the course.
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Customer Acquisition Specialist
Customer Value Optimization Specialist

What Others Say About Working With Me

Christina is great to work with! She clearly takes great pleasure in the nitty gritty numbers involved with digital marketing.

She likes to get under the hood and is generous in sharing her knowledge. I’m grateful to have her in my court as a go-to for questions about Ecommerce.

Sandy Glaze

Founder, Sin In Linen

Christina is a rare individual – a techy geek and media expert, as well as a business woman –  that’s a heady mix and puts her on the leading edge of marketing. She is an asset to any business. Fiona Price

Founder, Horse Hero

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